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Fruit Logistica 2023



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February 23

SEALPAP 'WRAP-AROUND" Banderol sales have started!

Our new SEALPAP 'Wrap-Around' Banderoles, are fully  recyclable and hold all relevant certificates! 


Runs perfectly on all major banding machines either heat-seal or ultrasound, slit to any width, fitting every machine!

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January 2023

SEALPAP® low-weight papers for condiments.

Our low-weight, seal-friendly papers, will enable you to replace the traditional extrusion coated paper laminates.

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Groene appels

December 2022

SEALPAP®  'wrap-around"- sealable and printed banderol.

Shortly we will introduce the 'wrap-around' paper banderol, sealable, recyclable and printed upto 8 colors. The ideal tray wrapper.


July 2022

SEALPAP®  Brown MG Sealable Kraft for the packing of Asparagus.

Available as from Q3. SEALPAP® on 'banderoles' for the packaging of Asparagus. Seal-friendly and water-repellent. Printing upto 8 colors.


July 2022

SEALPAP®  for VFFS and HFFS packaging machines.

We have our full focus on developing a range of White and Brown kraftpapers, as an altenative to traditional plastics. Please contact us to learn more!


February 2022

SEALPAP®  obtained the DIN CERTCO certificate!

SEALPAP®  obtained the DIEN EN ISO 14021:2016-07 Certificate for its sealable kraft papers. 

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January 2021

SEALPAP®  paper sleeves for LIDL herbal plants.

Our production of paper sleeves is expanding rapidly! Now also LIDL Ireland decided in favor our SEALPAP®  paper sleeves.

LIDL Ireland.jpg

April 2020

Fully automatic paper sleeve production line.

SEALPAP®  is producing a variety of paper sleeves and wicket bags, on fully automatic production lines.

Bag 1.jpg

August 2019

SEALPAP®  uses FSC certified papers only!

For the production of roll goods, bags and sleeves, SEALPAP®  uses FSC certified papers only!


February 23

Fruit Logistica Berlin


Less exhibitors and less visitors compared to previous years. Nevertheless we had 85 visitors in 2,5 days and 15 conrete leads and 5 direct sales results. Not bad !


January 2023

Fruit Logistica Berlin

MEDIANE and SEALPAP, look forward to meet you in hall 1.2 - Stand Number A21.

Stand FL 2023.jpg

November 2022

SEALPAP®  'Fenestra"- 100% cellulose based and compostable.

Together with our partner Clever Germany, we develop a paper flowpack with 'window' available as from early 2023,   SEALPAP® 'Fenestra", a combination of transparent cellulose and paper. Printing upto 8 colors.

Sealpap Clever Concept.jpg

July 2022

SEALPAP®  Brown MG coated Kraft Paper, for mailing envelopes.

At present we work on the development of a sealable and water repellent coating, for the automatic production of mailing envelopes, sealable against itself and (bio) plastics. - More to follow on the introduction of RECYCLOPE Mailing evenlopes.

mailing envelopes.jpg

May 2022

SEALPAP®  brown and white kraftpapers for pouches, sugar sticks and cutlery.

Our sealable papers are suitable for the packing of various powders (food and non-food) as well as cutlery.


June 2021

2nd SEALPAP®  paper bag making line on-stream.

The 2nd paper bag line is on stream. More news to follow!

sealpap 2nd.jpg

February 2021

SEALPAP®  paper sleeves for the packing of Herbal Plants

SUPERVALU has introduced fresh potted herbs in SEALPAP®  sleeves out recyclable FSC certified paper.


November 2019

ASDA introduces paper sleeves, without pot !

ASDA has chosen vor SEALPAP®  water-repellent paper sleeves and as the 1st Supermarket in the UK, has introduced fresh herbal plants without pot.



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