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November 2022

SEALPAP®  'strip-laminated"- 100% cellulose based and recyclable

Available as from early 2023,  SEALPAP® 'strip laminated" A combination of transparent cellulose and paper. Printing upto 8 colors.

Vitacress Real - Cut herbs SEALPAP PAPERWRAP.jpg

July 2022

SEALPAP®  Brown MG coated Kraft Paper, for mailing envelopes.

At present we work on the development of a sealable and water repellent coating, for the automatic production of mailing envelopes, sealable against itself and (bio) plastics. - More to follow.

mailing envelopes.jpg

June 2022

SEALPAP®  Paper Hygiene Disposable bags acquired.

Our activities in the field of paper Hygiene Disposable bags, have been acquired by the company NEEMANN in Leer. LiteFlexPaperbags wicketbags.


April 2022

SEALPAP®  recylable diaper bags now available in 'double stack'

Our SEALPAP®  paper bags are now available in 'double stack' execution, upto a maximum flat roll width of 1.300 mm. 

Double Stack_edited_edited.jpg

February 2022

SEALPAP®  obtained the DIN CERTCO certificate!

SEALPAP®  obtained the DIEN EN ISO 14021:2016-07 Certificate for its sealable kraft papers. 

Certiciate News_edited.jpg

February 2021

SEALPAP®  paper sleeves for the packing of Herbal Plants

SUPERVALU has introduced fresh potted herbs in SEALPAP®  sleeves out recyclable FSC certified paper.


November 2020

SEALPAP®  will install further paper Wicket-bag equipment.

After the introduction of paper wicket bags for Hygiene disposables, SEALPAP®  will add further production capacity dedicated to the hygiene disposable industry.


July 2020

SEALPAP®   paper bags for Baby Diaper packaging.

Our SEALPAP®  Wicket bags for the packing of Hygiene Disposable products. A traditional wicket bag  made from FSC certified papers. Just where the market was waiting for!

zak op rol_edited.jpg

April 2020

Fully automatic paper sleeve production line.

SEALPAP®  is producing a variety of paper sleeves and wicket bags, on fully automatic production lines.

Bag 1.jpg

November 2019

ASDA introduces paper sleeves, without pot !

ASDA has chosen vor SEALPAP®  water-repellent paper sleeves and as the 1st Supermarket in the UK, has introduced fresh herbal plants without pot.


August 2019

SEALPAP®  uses FSC certified papers only!

For the production of roll goods, bags and sleeves, SEALPAP®  uses FSC certified papers only!


July 2022

SEALPAP®  Brown MG Sealable Kraft for the packing of Asparagus.

Available as from Q3. SEALPAP® on 'banderoles' for the packaging of Asparagus. Seal-friendly and water-repellent. Printing upto 8 colors.


July 2022

SEALPAP®  for VFFS and HFFS packaging machines.

We have our full focus on developing a range of White and Brown kraftpapers, as an altenative to traditional plastics. Please contact us to learn more!


May 2022

SEALPAP®  brown and white kraftpapers for pouches, sugar sticks and cutlery.

Our sealable papers are suitable for the packing of various powders (food and non-food) as well as cutlery.


March 2022

TODDY diapers packed in SEALPAP recyclable diaper bags.

TODDY sustainable baby-diapers 'The diaper for the future', packed in SEALPAP recyclable diaper bags.

Toddy .jpg

June 2021

2nd SEALPAP®  paper bag making line on-stream.

The 2nd paper bag line is on stream. More news to follow!

sealpap 2nd.jpg

January 2021

SEALPAP®  paper sleeves for LIDL herbal plants.

Our production of paper sleeves is expanding rapidly! Now also LIDL Ireland decided in favor our SEALPAP®  paper sleeves.

LIDL Ireland.jpg

September 2020

SEALPAP®  recyclable paper wicket bags, reducing use of plastics in Hygiene Dispsables.

With over 25 years of experience in the Hygiene Disposable market, we understand that a paper bag should work on existing equipment with minor modifications.

Conveyer belt sealpap diaper bags.bmp

June 2020

SEALPAP®  'CRYSTAL' High Density barrier papers.

SEALPAP®  introduces a high-density, high barier translucent paper.

Crystal Pic.jpg

January 2020

ABENA Denmark is packing their BAMBO Nature diapers in SEALPAP®  bags!

The BAMBO NATURE baby diapers, are packed in brown MG Virgin Kraft paper bags. Produced by SEALPAP®  .

bambo abena nature.jpg

November 2019

SEALPAP®  Hygiene Disposable Paper bags.

SEALPAP®  has developed and introduced recyclable paper bags for compressed baby diapers with TF/BF on wicket. More news to follow!



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